Formal Posies, Ceremony Flower Arrangements, Display Arrangements | FAQ Bridie Bride

  1. Formal posies Beautifully created posies of between 40 and 50 tightly packed roses
  2. Informal vintage posies Open and relaxed posies comprising David Austin roses or peonies with berries and cactus flowers re a popular request.
  3. Handpicked garden posies and small, relaxed trail bouquets If you’re marrying during spring, seasonal annuals are a great choice, especially when peppered with herb foliage such as mint, sage and even parsley. It gives a beautiful old English garden look. In summer, you can get the same look using hydrangeas, vanda orchids, dahlias and lisianthus.
  4. Fish bowls of seasonal flowers for the tables relaxed seasonal flowers in low table settings with beautiful flowers and foliages. For Summer roses, lisiantus,hydrangea. For the cooler months tulips, foliages and spring flowers.
  5. Ceremony arrangements for the altar Flowers at ceremonies are always popular, from aisle arrangements to rose petals and balls of cluster flowers on the side of chairs and pews
  6. Buttonholes and wrist corsages – most popular are roses and orchids. Small clusters of bride and maids bouquets are the go at present. Wrist corsages can be made with bands of dimontes, pearls, lace, satin ribbon and organza. Small flowers are best and sit nicely on the wrist
  7. Reception arrangements Reception centerpieces are growing, both in popularity and size! Today’s brides want their floral centerpieces to be true centerpieces, featuring with brides wanting a emphasis on flowers that are full and fluffy and tightly packed together.
  8. Ceremony Flowers – clusters on the chairs down the aisle in jars and tins with the colours of the maids bouquets and sculptured rose petals as a aisle runner instead of carpet is a lovely look on grass
  9. Display Arrangements – these are increasing in popularity for the start of the ceremony aisle. They can be in the form of flowers and some brdies are bringing there own personality into it by using props and getting us to decorate them with flowers.
  10. Signing tables – small arrangements to major displays are becoming the thing. Using flowers with the same theme as the wedding bouquets. Wishing trees with flowers at the base are a great look to a signing table and can be used as seat destinations for guests or a small little note to the bride and groom congratulation them on their special day.
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